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Fundamentals of LCMS

The Atmospheric Pressure Interface (API) is the core element to the course with the principles of operation, limitations and applicability fully explored. The course covers ion suppression, the use of Electrospray or APC
and MS-MS data acquisition modes.

Optimization of interface and mass filter settings and how to best utilize reduced dimension LC to speed up sample throughput will be discussed. All popular interface types and mass analyzing equipment
(Quadrupole, TOF, Ion Trap etc.) will be comprehensively covered.

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  HPLC Method Development

This course considers the wide array of choices available to method developers and teaches a refined and logical approach to method development. The fundamental theory of various chromatographic modes is considered to aid understanding of the cause/effect relationships which is required to properly develop and optimize methods in the chosen mode.

Column chemistry is considered in detail alongside useful tools to aid selection of the most appropriate phases to screen during method development. Modelling software is used to demonstrate a logical approach to parameter optimization, including eluotropic strength, buffer strength and choice, pH manipulation of the eluent to gain optimum selectivity etc. Case studies are used to highlight the critical choices in gradient development and optimization.

The course concludes with a session on detector choice in HPLC, including the optimization of UV and MS detector conditions to optimize method sensitivity and specificity.

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  GC Method Development

This course considers the wide array of choices and method variables available and teaches a refined and logical approach to GC method development. The principles and optimization of successful sample introduction are taught and illustrated with multi-media demonstrations and worked examples of an array of common GC inlets.

GC capillary column chemistry is considered in detail alongside useful tools to aid selection of the most appropriate phases and column dimensions.

Modelling software is used to demonstrate the principles of scouting temperature programs and temperature program optimization. The working principles, variable setting and optimization of a rage of popular GC detectors are also considered.

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  Fundamentals of HPLC

This course has been designed for novice HPLC users and those who have some experience of running HPLC methods. Although the main focus will be on the fundamental theory of HPLC we will discuss slightly more advanced topics in order to allow you to progress easily to the next, more advanced stage in your HPLC training.

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  Fundamentals of GCMS

A course designed to highlight the powerful possibilities of GC analysis with spectral detection. Tuning and tune reports will be explained and instruction given in the use of tune reports as a powerful diagnostic tool.

The functionality of the MS will be discussed in detail including principles of the quadrupole mass filter.
Ion detection devices will be explained and the use of electron impact and chemical ionization sources will be investigated with applicability to practical situations.

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  Fundamentals of GC

This course takes a practical approach to teaching the fundamentals of gas chromatography (GC) in relation to your everyday laboratory life.

Examining each part of the GC process in a step wise manner; from the gas supply, to the inlet, column, and detector. We will discuss the theory, practicalities of the technique, and the instrumentation to give you a better understanding of each step, allowing you to optimize your method resulting in improved chromatography.

Finally, we will discuss common problems associated with GC, their causes and how to resolve these, giving you a practical troubleshooting knowledge that can be applied in your day to day work.

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